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Digital experts with a creative bent are in high demand at Digillectual. Employment is becoming obsolete. We don’t employ people; instead, we build a team of people who work as a cohesive unit to achieve dreams.

Who we are

Digillectual is a forward-thinking digital agency, backed by digital experts who are prompt, precise, and proficient in providing innovative service and results-oriented solutions.


Digital empowerment of small businesses and entrepreneurs through creative and resourceful solutions to problems and turning challenges into opportunities.


Cultivate entrepreneurs and replace the traditional employment to better protect the financial and professional freedom of the people we work with.

Our Values
We believe in Partnership
Say No To Employment

The kind of job where you come in and work 9 to 5, and where someone tells you what to do all day is becoming scarcer and scarcer.

In traditional employment, they hire you to work hard for a fixed salary and in one place to build their dreams, not yours. To put it another way, why we depreciate the 9-to-5 job, there is; — no enthusiasm, — no progress, — no growth, — using someone else’s workflow, and — no rewards for your hard work,” in conventional employment.

Regardless of their position and salary, traditional employees are either prohibited from or unable to work with others. Nonetheless, we, instead of a job, offer a partnership to ensure the freedom to work from anywhere and at anytime you want. Unlike traditional employers, we do not buy your 9-to-5 everyday life until retirement; instead, we pay you for the value you add to working with us.

At Digillectual, you’re free — to work at anytime from anywhere, — to either accept or reject the work we give you, — to get your own clients on our behalf and utilize our resources or team-up with our coworkers, and — to take off whenever you wish and spend time with your family.

Freelance Opportunities In the entrepreneurial spirit, Digillectual supports freelancers who are beginners or are struggling to make ends meet. You must know basic English and have a skill.
Regular Positions As of right now, we’re looking for a partner in each of the following positions: